New General Manager. New Year. New Chapter

“The quality of our services is defined by our people, and Club Liberté is committed to attracting candidates of the highest caliber to lead the business.”- Jake Waller (Managing Director of Club Liberté Casino.


Club Liberté has recently welcomed aboard a new General Manager – Mr. Michel Claeys.


It was interesting to see the new General Manager who has a name in the casino business.
Michel has voyaged all around the globe driving the entertainment business to accomplishment in numerous countries.
Club Liberté team was eager to get on board such a capable professional, who joined the group toward the end of September.
Michel Claeys explains “My professional career in the casino business started 40 years ago and like most of us started as a dealer or croupier in Belgium – then moved away to obtain my British Gaming License in Cardiff and Manchester , other countries followed suit very quickly such as Holland, France , Romania, Turkey , Egypt, Lebanon , Morocco , Canada, North Cyprus.  I have a world wide excellent reputation in the the mysterious world of gaming and I am constantly in demand for my advice, expertise and knowledge.
I feel very positive that I can highly contribute to the Club Liberte Casino of Seychelles and to the tourism industry in general if the islands.
I am a very approachable person with good communication and social skills – so come and meet me – you will not be disappointed”

In spite of being a leader in such a sphere of business as night entertainment, Michel is a family man, who welcomed his newly born daughter 1 year ago.

Michel Claeys, Seychelles India Day.

“It will be one year since the night Club Liberté opened its doors on 28th of October last year and we want to accomplish something unique for this occasion”says Michel. Club Liberté team has experienced numerous thoughts on special occasion and affirmations to their loyal visitors and chose the idea of being valuable to all the public of the Seychelles. Club Liberté is proposing to blend in with an association in Seychelles and coordinate by all methods in showcasing introduction, fascination of sources and gift of materials or fund raising against drug enslavement. “We have met with the pioneers of this association and acknowledged how grave the issue is and how much power is required keeping in mind the end goal to unravel this” says Irina Etienne, marketing manager of Club Liberté.


Irina Etienne- marketing manager & Michel Claeys- General Manager

Irina Etienne went on to say that it was with this goal that will be the best step forward of Club Liberté`s public life as it enters its second year of operation.
Club Liberté is in the new chapter of its improvement and numerous new surprises are set up to its customers for the coming Festival Creole, Christmas & New Year’s Eve and many other worldwide and local events.
This latest appointment highlights their continued expansion and ongoing commitment to develop the services they offer to growing client base, as well as career opportunities for team members.
Managing Director of Club Liberté Jake Waller on his part said:- “Michel’s appointment exemplifies this commitment; he brings a huge amount of valuable experience and expertise to the company and is the perfect person to lead this business into its next exciting chapter of growth”.



Changing the face of Entertainment in Seychelles


“There are many reasons to go to the Seychelles today, but quality entertainment venues with class and style have until recently not been one of them.

The Seychelles; tropical green islands set in the sparkling turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean, welcome the traveller to discover this country often styled as “unique by a thousand miles” – where the houses hug the lower slopes of majestic mountains smothered in green velvet, the dark forest broken by spectacular granite outcrops and where the white beaches fuse into the turquoise seas. These beaches are the glory of the Seychelles and each beach has its distinct character.

Mahé is the main island of the Seychelles and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive islands in the world, with most of the population of the Seychelles concentrated in the north around the capital, Victoria. Away from the bustling little capital and its business and hotels, there is extraordinary beauty to be found along the coast of Mahé, particularly in the south and over the mountains to the west.

Come to the Seychelles for a romantic vacation, come to stay in a world-class resort, come to dive in crystal-clear waters, come for the deep-sea fishing, come to chill out under a palm tree on a natural beach, come to drink a rum punch by the poolside, come to get a taste of Creole culture and cuisine – these are daytime activities, so what do you do in the evening if you want to get away from your hotel?

There are of course a few entertainment venues open in the Seychelles, but these, even though some are located in major hotels, are in general merely a minor part of the hotels’ entertainment offers, with no attraction for the more sophisticated person who might be drawn to come to the Seychelles to stay in one of the exquisite luxury resorts.

There has always been the demand to have a quality entertainment offer that will match the expectations of the tourists, and new and repeat visitors who love the Seychelles for its tropical uniqueness but who expect to have access to a quality night life experience which lacks in the Seychelles, especially on the South coast of Mahé. Now there is something new.”


(Saint Ange Consultancy .

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Set adjacent to the superlative Four Seasons Resort at Petite Anse, Seychelles.

With a combination of contemporary and tropical influences, the “Plantation House” spirit is developed as soon as the door opens into the luxurious gaming area. The main casino gaming floor has four roulettes, two poker and three blackjack tables, plus a unique and exclusive VIP gaming room offering roulette, blackjack and punto banco or poker. Thirty one of the latest electronic gaming machines will be available and will include the most popular reel and video slots, all linked to a loyalty card system. Club Liberté is not just gaming, and proposes a glamorous cocktail bar, a sushi bar – “food as entertainment”, and a quality restaurant offer. Live music and other entertainment presentes for the casino guests while they relaxing and enjoying their visit to the Club Liberté.