Classy, but unpretentious and very good…

“The Club Liberté’s Sushi Bar has the best of sushi” writes a repeat visitor to Seychelles”

“Perfection, they say, is in the detail and perfection is difficult to attain. However, I would mark out the Club Liberté’s Sushi Bar as close to perfection as will be found on Mahe” a repeat visitor took the trouble to write.

“It is all detail. It is the pointillism of food; the effect achieved through the accretion of tiny individual gestures. It’s good, it’s very good. If my intention were solely to make sure the place was full, this is maybe overkill.  I could probably fill it by knocking on the doors of my neighbours and telling them the good news, as the sushi bar is small. Inside the Club Liberté Casino, there is a dedicated section of the bar that seats seven, spaces which can be booked. Plus there are several tables for two or more.”

“A plate is laid before you. A mound of pickled ginger and wasabi is placed to one side. The fun may now begin. Of course, sitting at the bar is more than just theatre. Sushi is best consumed seconds after it’s prepared, with the barely cool or room temperature fish being gently heated by the warm, vinegared rice. Federico may admonish diners who snap phone pics of the prepared sushi; there’s no photography ban here, he just wants you enjoy the fish, while it is perfect.

While items can be ordered individually, there are also set menus or omakase, priced very reasonably. What’s in them is decided by the chef, depending on what’s good. We asked for octopus. He told me he had some, but we couldn’t have it. “I tasted it,” he said. “It’s not good enough.” Okay then. He said this without being condescending or grand. Indeed, there is nothing self-regarding or intimidating about the sushi chef. Watching the chef working is a joy, but he’s also good company.

A mid-ranged sashimi selection brought glistening pieces of snapper, bonito, tuna, salmon and the sweetest of sweet prawns. The nearest thing to adornment was the citrus juice, brushed lightly across pieces of snapper. The nigiri here is the whole package, which is to say the rice is exactly how you always wish it might be and so rarely is. It is the right side of just warm.

The vinegared edge is there without being overstated. The grains cling to each other without being needy. On to these pillows, formed by hand in front of you, go snapper, or strips of salmon, or a piece of octopus which has been so finely sliced half the way through by his knife as to look like bleached-out marquetry. There is a delicate brush with soy. A strip of toasted seaweed is used to form a collar to hold back a cluster of orange roe. Marinated octopus, laid with a blob of sauce, disintegrates in your mouth to release its oils.

I was once told that telling properly good sushi from the rest was a tricky business; the food was so very simple that difference could be measured in tiny points. I understood what they meant. Making it is a job for obsessives and so is eating it. So when the good sushi comes your way, you just know it. There are cheaper places to eat sushi on Mahe, and there may be hipper places too. But right now I honestly don’t believe there is any better place than Federico’s at the Club Liberté” the visitor went on to say. 

Congratulations to Club Liberté. Word of mouth is what gives a property the edge.

The Sushi Bar is open Tuesday to Saturday18h00 to 02h00.”



Saint Ange Tourism Report

12th November 2017 :


Changing the face of Entertainment in Seychelles


“There are many reasons to go to the Seychelles today, but quality entertainment venues with class and style have until recently not been one of them.

The Seychelles; tropical green islands set in the sparkling turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean, welcome the traveller to discover this country often styled as “unique by a thousand miles” – where the houses hug the lower slopes of majestic mountains smothered in green velvet, the dark forest broken by spectacular granite outcrops and where the white beaches fuse into the turquoise seas. These beaches are the glory of the Seychelles and each beach has its distinct character.

Mahé is the main island of the Seychelles and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive islands in the world, with most of the population of the Seychelles concentrated in the north around the capital, Victoria. Away from the bustling little capital and its business and hotels, there is extraordinary beauty to be found along the coast of Mahé, particularly in the south and over the mountains to the west.

Come to the Seychelles for a romantic vacation, come to stay in a world-class resort, come to dive in crystal-clear waters, come for the deep-sea fishing, come to chill out under a palm tree on a natural beach, come to drink a rum punch by the poolside, come to get a taste of Creole culture and cuisine – these are daytime activities, so what do you do in the evening if you want to get away from your hotel?

There are of course a few entertainment venues open in the Seychelles, but these, even though some are located in major hotels, are in general merely a minor part of the hotels’ entertainment offers, with no attraction for the more sophisticated person who might be drawn to come to the Seychelles to stay in one of the exquisite luxury resorts.

There has always been the demand to have a quality entertainment offer that will match the expectations of the tourists, and new and repeat visitors who love the Seychelles for its tropical uniqueness but who expect to have access to a quality night life experience which lacks in the Seychelles, especially on the South coast of Mahé. Now there is something new.”


(Saint Ange Consultancy .

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Creole Food & the Creole Festival

Creole octopus salad

“Did you know that the Club Liberté Casino at Petit Anse offers possibly the best sushi in the Seychelles?

Well it does, but unfortunately Sushi Chef Federico is going on vacation soon and the Club Liberté will not be serving sushi during his absence. However, the two regular chefs at the Club Liberté – Deon from South Africa and Trevor from the Seychelles – want to take up the challenge and serve something special during the absence of the sushi menu to maintain the standard of the Club Liberté’s food offer and to satisfy the casino’s regular customers and the new visitors.

We spoke to Trevor at the casino who told us about his idea designed to coincide with the forthcoming Creole Festival and his desire to participle fully in this important showcase for Creole culture and the Creole lifestyle. He and Deon will be preparing, during the period of the festival – in fact, over a month long period – what they believe will be exceptional Creole specialties to offer to the casino’s guests. Plus, whilst not Creole but certainly regional, there will be a sprinkling of African specialities prepared by Deon from his native Durban to add to the eclectic food presentation.

These two young chefs participated recently in the ‘Best of Creole Cuisine’ photo competition organised by the Seychelles Tourism Board and, while they didn’t win – they did get 309 “likes” – they did prepare some superb dishes that they captured on film. These dishes will all be exclusively available, with other delights, to sample during the Club Liberté Creole Food month.

If you are in the south-east of Mahe you should drop in to the Club Liberté to try some of these Creole specialities. If you are not in the area, I can assure you that it will well worth your while to make the detour to try Creole food in the exotic plantation house ambiance of the casino.”


(Saint Ange Consultancy)

Set adjacent to the superlative Four Seasons Resort at Petite Anse, Seychelles.

With a combination of contemporary and tropical influences, the “Plantation House” spirit is developed as soon as the door opens into the luxurious gaming area. The main casino gaming floor has four roulettes, two poker and three blackjack tables, plus a unique and exclusive VIP gaming room offering roulette, blackjack and punto banco or poker. Thirty one of the latest electronic gaming machines will be available and will include the most popular reel and video slots, all linked to a loyalty card system. Club Liberté is not just gaming, and proposes a glamorous cocktail bar, a sushi bar – “food as entertainment”, and a quality restaurant offer. Live music and other entertainment presentes for the casino guests while they relaxing and enjoying their visit to the Club Liberté.